Armored cable is becoming a more popular method of electrical wiring for an extra layer of protection. The armored cable is a standard cable with an additional protective layer to keep it from being cut or damaged. The added protective layer or armor is effective in protecting cables from rodents, moisture, extreme tension, and other environmental factors that could cause damage and a system short circuit. The armor extends cable life, which improves the cable core’s performance, safety, and reliability.

Armored cables are useful in a variety of applications, including mains electrical supply and underground wiring. The outer layer or layers of armor provide tensile strength during cable laying for protecting wires resting underground. These cables are more rigid than standard electrical cables and serve their purpose well. However, choosing the wrong armored cable for your specific situation can make you disappointed with the intended purpose of cabling.

Types of Armored cable

Armored cables can be classified into different categories depending on the type and level of protective layering for the intended application or environment. There are mainly four types of armored cables:

  1. Wire-Braid Armour
  2. Steel Wire armored cables
  3. Steel Tape armored cable
  4. Aluminum wire armored cable.

Wire-Braid Armour

Basket-weave armor is another name for wire braid armor. Generally, galvanized steel, bronze, copper, or aluminum are used to make the braid. It is used when lightweight and adaptable protection is required. In this type of protective layering as the outer covering, the metal is knitted directly over the cable.

Steel Wire armored cables

These are the most common type of armored cables used for underground wiring and electrical mains supply. They are also known as SWA cables among professionals. Steel wire armor is used to protect cables with multiple cores. It can withstand heavy pull loads. SWA Cables can withstand external mechanical forces and extensive tension, making them ideal for high drop areas.

Steel Tape armored cable

These cables are often known as STA (Steel Tape Armor) cables. These are the best choice for buried cable installation as they can withstand external mechanical force. However, they are not suitable for conditions with large tensile forces.

Aluminum wire armored cable

These cables are popularly known as AWA cables. Because aluminum is nonmagnetic, the current flowing in the main conductor will not produce any induced current in the armor, which is good for the system performance. AWA cables are used for a variety of applications, including underground installations, electrical power networks, cable duct power, and many more.

Different armored cables provide different levels of protection, and choosing them based on assumptions can make you disappoint on performance and durability factors. It’s good to consult with experts when choosing armored cables in UAE for your specific wants and needs.

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