Acoustic and Vibration Isolation Solutions for Industrial Equipment


  • High Load Anti-Vibration Levelling Mounts
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Farrat Squaregrip (SG)

High stiffness vibration and shock damping material, produced from high grade fibre reinforced nitrile rubber.


Why choose Farrat Isoblocs?

Farrat Isoblocs have been developed specifically for, although their use is not limited too, power presses to provide effective vertical and horizontal shock absorption, vibration isolation and damping as well as easy and precise levelling on a much larger scale than Isomounts.

Load range from 7.500kg up to 50.000kg per amount.


Farrat SG materials can be used as anti-vibration & damping pads for a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Impact machinery (e.g. PowerPress Elastomer Bearings fo mechanical and hydraulic presses, turret punch presses guillotines, etc.
  • General use for industrial machinery and hydraulic equipment
  • Metal, timber and concrete production machinery
  • Printing & packaging machinery
  • Textile machinery
  • Measuring, test and electronic equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • High-speed industrial doors
  • Components, modules and systems in elevator industry
  • Damping pads on Farrat Wedgemounts & Jackmounts

SM Spring Mounts

High Performance Anti Vibration Mountings

Why choose Farrat SM Spring Mounts?

Farrat SM Spring Mounts are high performance anti-vibration mountings with adjustable levelling and damping control for efficient isolation of dynamic (active) machinery and protection of sensitive (passive) equipment and machinery.

High deflection helical steel springs are contained in stove enamelled aluminium housings to provide a robust and reliable low frequency solator. The leveling- foxing screw with locknut are zinc plated, however Gunmetal versions of sizes suffix Gare available on request.

General information

The range of standard mountings allow up to 25 mm static deflection and are specially designed for land based installations with high vibration isolation. Where greater static deflections is required, the 50 mm deflection springs in the standard housings can be selected.

The load range is from 3kg up to 3.818kg per mount. All mountings are fitted with a built-in leveling device, the operation of which is described in the installation instructions


  • Excellent vertical shock and vibration isolation performance
  • High quality helical steel spring isolators
  • Environmental protection casings
  • Robust and reliable low frequency mounts
  • Levelling facility


  • Emergency power supplies
  • Air handling units
  • Air conditioning machines
  • DC-AC converters
  • Compressor packages
  • Electrical equipment and generator sets
  • Chiller units
  • Pumps


  • Jack Screw Support with Farrat’s High Performance Anti-Vibration and Damping Pads
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Why choose Farrat Jackmounts?

Farrat Jackmounts offer a simple secure and economical means of supporting and installing machinery suited to jackscrew support.

Manufactured by Farrat, they have been used for decades in thousands of applications around the world. Farrat Jackmounts should not be used under machines with strong vertical or horizontal shock forces (instead consider Farrat Isomounts, Farrat Wedgemounts or Farrat Isolated Foundations).

Features & Benefits

  • Enables excellent, stable seating on uneven floors
  • AV Pad adhered to each Jackmount
  • High vibration damping to improve machine performance. reduce machine wear and lower noise levels.
  • Reduce shock transmission to and from the machine

Please specify Vibration Damping Grades when ordering.

Farrat Jackmounts – Load Capacities, Dimensions & Variants
Model Maximum Loads per Mount for AV Pad Grades Base size Base Heights Base Material Jackmount Variant *FS Cone Diameter C* Possible SA Screw Sizes
(kg) (kg) (kg) (mm) (mm)
JCM -50 -70 -90 D H
060* 150 300 500 70 25 Cast Iron 250 FS (+SA), BO (+SA) 20 M10, M12, M16
080* 250 500 1000 70 25 Cast Iron 250 FS (+SA), BO (+SA) 22 M10, M12, M16, M20
100* 400 800 1400 110 25 Cast Iron 250 FS (+SA), BO (+SA) 26 M12, M16, M20, M24
130* 650 1300 2400 140 27 Cast Iron 250 FS (+SA), BO (+SA) 28 M12, M16, M20, M24
170* 1100 2200 4000 180 27 Cast Iron 250 FS (+SA), BO (+SA) 32 M16, M20, M24
Mounting Required Typical Applications for Required appropriate AV Grade AV Pad Grade AV Pad Material AV Pad Thickness
Soft Vibration sensitive equipment eg
Measuring, Test, Optical, Laboratory Equipment
-50 NBRSO- 10P2 10
Elastic Active shock & vibration eg Elastic Injection Moulders, Packaging Machines -70 NBR70- 10P2 10
Very Stiff Very Stiff with damping e.g Very Stiff Lathes, Transfer Machines, Grinders -90 SG10-P2 10
Screw Assemblies (SA)
Used to convert a plain hole in a mechine base into a levelling screw (All Dimensions: mn
SA Screw Size & Pitch S H D T Length
SA M10x1.5 8 10 30 5 80
SA M12x1.75 8 10 30 5 100
SA M16x2 11 10 40 6 150
SA M20x2.5 13 10 40 6 180
SA M24x3 18 10 50 8 180

Vibration Absorber Va Series

Ceiling Vibration Absorber / Wall Vibration Absorber

Ceiling vibration absorber is made of 100% original high polymer vibration damping adhesive, the age resistance time and the damping coefficient are five times that of the refurbishing adhesive, thereby ensuring the permanence and safety of vibration damping and sound insulation effect in the aspect of hardware quality. It is an effective way to cut off the structure-borne sound transmission of the suspended ceiling and the original base building ceiling. Wall vibration absorber is suitable forinstalling and fixing the wall reinforced sound insulation structure layer of form the sound insulation layer between the sound wave irradiation surface and the original base wall.

Name Ceiling vibration absorber / Wall vibration absorber
Common size Ceiling: W 50mm * L 100mm * T 50mm
Wall: W 50mm * L 110mm * T 50mm
Bearing weight Ceiling: 25KG-35KG
Wall: 25KG-50KG
Eflective frequency range 80Hz-150Hz
Install method Expansions Screw Fix
Application Bar. KTV room, Music studio, etc.

Sound Insulation Vibration Keel

Sound insulation vibration keel adopts natural rubber materials and light steel keel. Nature rubber is a soft link with wall and light steel keel. It cuts off the sound bridge and has good reduction for low and high frequency vibration. The empty space install method for keeling has obvious sound insulation and vibration effect in wide frequency. The damping rubber also has sound insulation and vibration effect for wall body vibration in low frequency. The simple structure and less space, low natural vibration frequency, good vibration effect keel. which is an idea device for wall body.


Keel Width in top: 35mm, width in bottom: 67mm, height: 25mm.
Rubber W 25.5mm* L 92mm * H 22mm

Ground Vibration Absorber

Ground vibration absorber adopts the short travel ultra-strong metal damping spring, and the high polymer vibration damping rubber block is adhered to the bottom plate of the vibration absorber to arm the dual-material wideband vibration absorbing structure. The application of ground vibration absorber for constructing the floating floor can effectively cut off the impact of vibration radiation layer on the original base layer, thereby improving the low frequency vibration and impact sound insulation properties.

Common Size

W 100mm * L 100mm T 95mm


Bar, KTV room, Music studio, etc.


Wedgemounts are Levelling Mounts with Anti-Vibration Variants.

Farrat Wedgemounts have provided the ideal solution for accurate, efficient and economical machine installations globally, for over 50 years. Whether you are relocating existing machinery, a machine manufacturer, or simply require a better solution for your existing installation, Farrat can help.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced mechanical advantage for easier levelling
  • Enhanced machine stability which provides high stiffness and support in both horizontal and vertical directions
  • Damping pads reduce vibration within the machine and contribute to the isolation of the foundation below
  • Easy installation and relocation of machines
  • Flexibility in applications where high loads and/or damping is required


Global Reach

Farrat supplies directly to a broad range of customers in size and industry, across all continents. Customers range from the Original Equipment Manufacturers, end users relocating machinery, to Production Engineers wishing to enhance operational effectiveness.

Typical Applications

  • General Machine Tools
  • Printing Machines
  • CNC Lathes and Machining Centres
  • Boring and Milling Machines
  • Injection Moulding Machines
  • Die-Casting Machines
  • Grinding Machines
  • Transfer Machines
  • Rolling Mills
  • Long Bed Machinery
  • Building and Structures
  • Civil Engineering

Precision Levelling and Damping Options

Farrat Wedgemounts are designed to cover all standard requirements. They are available in 10 sizes and offer load capacities up to 25 tonne per mount. There are 3 standard damping options, 3 installation options and a range of accessories including Farrat Screw Assemblies, Farrat Anti-Vibration Washers and Farrat Spheriseats.

The Standard Grade offers the greatest amount of damping but does have the greatest compression under load, so is recommended for machines which have a high level of structural stiffness. The Very Stiff Grade* offers the greatest support with little deflection, but with the benefits of micro-damping to improve the performance of the machine. To achieve the greatest support / stiffness for a machine, the Precision Wedgemount without pads is recommended.


  • Versatile, High Quality Anti-Vibration and Levelling Mounts for Industrial Machinery
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Why choose Farrat Isomounts?

Farrat Isomounts have been designed to provide effective vertical and horizontal shock absorption, vibration isolation and damping as well as easy and precise levelling for a wide variety of machinery and equipment.

Load range from 150kg up to 5,000kg per mount.


Layout Flexibility

Isamounts provide a simple, economical and flexible solution to factory or plant room layout planning, enabling easy installation and movement of machines without the need for bolting down or grouting

Quality & Durability

Isamounts provide a simple, economical and flexible solution to factory or plant room layout planning, enabling easy installation and movement of machines without the need for bolting down or grouting


Typical Applications

  • Compressors and Pump Sets
  • Diecasting Machines
  • Diesel Generators
  • Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Injection Moulding Machines
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Presses: Forging, Hydraulic and Mechanical
  • Rubber Machinery
  • Testing and Measuring Machinery

FSL Isolators

  • FSL Coil Spring Isolators
  • FV Viscous Dampers
  • FSLV Coil Spring and Vsicous Damper Systems

Isamounts provide a simple, economical and flexible solution to factory or plant room layout planning, enabling easy installation and movement of machines without the need for bolting down or grouting

Heavy Duty Structural Coil Spring Isolation for Structures and Sensitive Equipment.