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Proudly Established in 2006 Headquartered in United Arab Emirates, we contribute to the development and efficiency of production facilities, industrial equipment, residential buildings, commercial structures, and architectural features in the GCC. Unigroup represents international brands that exist to serve, production facilities, general industries, heavy equipment, industrial automation, and sustainable construction projects. We consult, supply, and provide turnkey solutions. Some of the solutions that we provide include consulting and installing; flexible cables in moving applications, bearings, Cable carrier drag chains in production facilities, industrial equipment, and general industries. We also provide sustainable building solutions for thermal, acoustic and vibration isolation requirements in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings or equipment. Our services aim to provide you with a fit for purpose solution that will improve the over-all efficiency of your production facility, building structure or industrial equipment by, extending the service life of the equipment, eliminating maintenance and unexpected downtime as well as achieve sustainability certifications.


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