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Established in 2006, our vision is to contribute to the development and efficiency of building structures and industrial production facilities in the GCC.


  • Quick site visits.
  • Detailed study.
  • Complete Solution offered.
  • Online Tools available.
  • Technical drawings provided


  • Lowest Cost solution.
  • Multiple options Provided.
  • Quick delivery time.
  • 90% Factory stock.


  • Supervision & Installation.
  • Detailed Planning.
  • Timely execution.
  • Guarantee and Warranty.


  • Ease of Use
  • Service Contracts.
  • Eliminate None Productive Time


As the exclusive agents of world class european brands we work with our manufactures to provide a fit for purpose solution at the lowest cost, intended to improve the over all efficiency of your operations by extending the service life of your equipment and by eliminaiting unexpected downtime


All About US

Technical Consultations

Our Solutions Engineers will be more than happy to discuss and consult on the different solutions that can be offered for your specific requirements.

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Industrial Spare Parts

Supply of Bearings, Gears, Electrical Components, Industrial Cables, and Industrial Automation Components.

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Installation and Servicing

After sales services are available such as installation of the solution or periodic site visits for preventative maintenance

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Turn Key Services

Our turn key services include the renovation or retrofit of industrial equipment, cranes, machine tools, production line equipment.

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