Fit-out and Decorative Acoustic Isolation Solutions


Sound insulation/proofing and sound absorption are two different concepts. In modern building structures, the Sound Insulating/proofing materials are dense and heavy, while the Sound Absorbing materials are porous and light. Soundproof insulation in Dubai is a key element in enhancing the overall acoustic performance of a space. The main function of sound insulation/proofing materials that include Acoustic Ceiling, Acoustic Floor, and Acoustic Doors is to block the sound from entering or leaving a space, whereas sound absorbing material is used to improve the sound acoustics in a space such as reducing echo and reverbirations.

Sound Insulation or materials such as Acoustic Foam in Dubai used to block sound are placed inside the wall or ceiling to make Acoustic walls or Ceilings in Dubai. Sound-absorbing material can be applied on the wall or ceiling itself and or designs and colors allow them to integrate into the overall interior design as a decorative feature. For effective sound management, it is essential to consider reliable solutions provided by a Sound proof Supplier in Dubai. These professionals offer a range of Sound proof Material in Dubai such as Acoustic Panels that cater to diverse needs.

There are three factors to generate and transmit the noise: Noise source, propagation path and receiver. Most adults can hear the noise with frequency range from 100HZ to 4000HZ. The frequency of conversation and common noise in the buildings is basically 125HZ to 4000HZ. The wall sound reduction STC refers to the sound insulation capability of wall to the noise within the range of 125 HZ TO 4000HZ.

Basically, Acoustic insulation in Dubai plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable and noise-free environment.


Decibel (DB) is a unit used for expressing the sound relative intensity. Physically, the defined reference acoustic pressure(P0=2X10-5pa) corresponds to ODB. If the noise pressure is P, the noise decibel is equal to 20log(P/PO)/ So decibel is a designated unit. Similar to an earthquake’s magnitude, the higher the number is on the scale the more intense the noise will be.


The sound insulation function of a material is the capability to reduce the noise intensity. If the sound of one room is 75DB, the sound transmitted to the adjacent room through the wall will be reduced to 40DB. Therefore the sound insulation function of the wall is 35DB.

Simple and Convenient Installation Scheme

Acoustic Armor for Suspension Solutions

Our acoustics panels and walls in Dubai has a variety of suspension solutions, either directly attached to the substrate, or light steel keel installation, or through the suspension kit layout to the lower level of the ceiling that cannot be normal reached. It not only provides the technical conditions for the best sound characteristics in the room. The whole product system can be custom-designed.

Acousticarmor Directly

Acoustic systems can be directly applied to a variety of substrates, creating economical and seamless solutions.

Acoustic Armor Suspension

Free-hanging sound-absorbing acoustic wooden panels in Dubai are a simple and quick way to add acoustic attenuation to any size space. It is easy to install and flexible.

Acousticarmor Keel Installation

Hot dip galvanized light steel keel mounting provides excellent installation and flexibility.

System Structure

  • Light steel keel hanging parts.
  • Bearing light steel keel
  • Metal auxiliary keel fittings
  • Light steel auxiliary keel grip
  • Light steel auxiliary keel
  • Metal edge trimmers
  • Paper-faced gypsum board calcium silicate board
  • Crystals nad bead plate
  • Sound permeable paint
  • Joint putty and special joint belt


01. Installed directly

AcousticArmor Board mounts directly onto gypsum board, concrete or wood substrates using a rugged adhesive or mechanically secured with special gasket screws.


02. Hanging installation

Innovative “spiral spring hold” kit mounting. AcousticArmor components can effectively install anchor points on the panel. The helical spring anchor is simply mounted by twisting clockwise into the acoustic plate. Each helical spring anchor is equipped with 2 m suspension wire, regulator, and fixed expansion bolt.

03. Light steel keel mounting

AcousticArmor Board mounts directly or indirectly on light steel keel systems, such as paper-facing gypsum board, calcium silicate substrate, using a rugged adhesive or mechanically secured with special gasket screws.

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