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The United Arab Emirates is developing rapidly and where there is quick development, innovation is required to sustain it. Unigroup FZE was established in 2006 with a purpose to provide the people of the United Arab Emirates and the GCC, comprehensive best value solutions and services through innovative and cost effective products. We deal with high quality reliable brands that deliver the results we promise too. We spend time and money testing our products in order to guarantee that each of our customers is satisfied with the results promised.


Unigroup (FZE) serves as a business platform in the GCC, Middle East and North Africa for many international companies. Unigroup’s office is situated in the Sharjah International Airport Free Zone, hence shipments can move in the Free Zones tax free, enabling our supply chain partners to store products at our facility and service the region efficiently.U.A.E is the main business hub in the Middle East, due to this we can offer our supply chain partners the best geographical and logistical solution for better marketing and supply chain movement of our products and services. Reduced costs and faster delivery times ultimately result in better service levels.


Unigroup is a true believer in “DELIVERING INNOVATION”. Unigroup’s Objective is to offer “Best Value” products and services to our regional client base, while offering our supply chain partners “sustainable year on year growth”. Unigroup represents Market leading brands like Bestline, Farrat, Hiwin, igus, Jetpatcher and KHK to name a few; enabling Unigroup to establish an impressive portfolio of clients, throughout the GCC, Middle East and North Africa. Unigroup is committed to expanding its product range, services, client base and supply chain network.

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  • Automation Solutions

    Unigroup represents many of the Automation industry’s leading brands in the U.A.E.

  • Construction Supplies

    Unigroup specializes in the import and distribution of high quality construction supplies.

  • Highways Technologies

    Unigroup specializes in operational of innovative highways maintenance solutions.

  • Industrial/Automotive Lubricants

    Unigroup represents many of the industry’s leading brands in the U.A.E.

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