As climate change concerns grow, the construction industry is under increasing pressure to design and build more energy efficient buildings. One of the major sources of energy waste is thermal bridging, where heat can easily escape or enter a building through direct connections between the interior and exterior. Luckily, there is a solution that effectively blocks thermal bridging while maintaining structural integrity – STRUKTRA thermal break technology from Farrat.

The Ultimate Thermal Break Solution

Farrat is a global leader in thermal break products, and their STRUKTRA line represents the highest performing structural thermal breaks on the market today. These innovative products use a highly insulating inner core material to prevent heat transfer, while the outer structure acts as a structural element.

Best in Class Performance

Farrat STRUKTRA thermal breaks have undergone rigorous testing and certification to ensure they meet the highest standards for structural capacity, rotational stiffness, fire safety, and insulation performance. Independent studies have proven that just a 25mm thick STRUKTRA plate can provide up to 18% better insulation than an 80mm stainless steel alternative.

One Product for All Applications

The versatility of STRUKTRA is incredibly impressive. It can be used as the insulating connection for all types of building elements – load bearing columns, facades, balconies, exterior staircases, and more. This “one product fits all” quality makes it an ideal choice for streamlining procurement and installation. STRUKTRA works seamlessly with steel, reinforced concrete, and timber structures.

Simple Integration into Design

Despite its advanced thermal break capabilities, STRUKTRA requires no specialized design tools or training. Architects and structural engineers can quite literally treat it like a standard steel packing plate when designing structural connections. Thermal modelling services are also available to optimize energy efficiency.

A Proven Solution

After years of research involving thermal modelling studies, a PhD dissertation, full-scale physical testing, and verification by the Fraunhofer Institute, the exceptional performance of Farrat STRUKTRA thermal breaks has been conclusively proven. It is no surprise then that STRUKTRA is the preferred choice for thermal break solutions on thousands of award-winning sustainable building projects globally.

Meeting Legislation and Sustainability Goals

With energy codes and sustainability legislation becoming stricter, the advantages of STRUKTRA make it an obvious choice for meeting requirements while providing a high-performance, cost-effective solution. Its superior insulation properties help prevent condensation issues and reduce energy waste from thermal bridging.

Available Fast With Full Traceability

STRUKTRA products can be rapidly manufactured and delivered, with availability in the form of cut-to-size pads, strips, and custom waterjet cut pieces to meet project specifications. Full traceability is provided as well.

For new construction or retrofitting projects where energy efficiency, structural integrity and sustainability are top priorities, Farrat’s STRUKTRA line of structural thermal breaks is truly in a class of its own. This innovative product makes it easy to prevent thermal bridging and meet modern energy standards while providing uncompromising quality.

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