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Festoon Systems vs. e-chain® cable carriers


On festoon systems, cables hang free and loose, exposed to the wind and weather. Unprotected, they can swing freely and become tangled, leading to costly maintenance efforts. Festoons typically require regular maintenance operations to lubricate the cable trolleys, and long travels can require motor and control systems. igus® offers a secure and modular alternative that allows you to save cables and avoid downtime.



  1. Essentially maintenance free operation
  2. Decreased mechanical stress on cables
  3. No additional motors or controls required for long travels
  4. Roller chains allow for a significant reduction in required drive force
  5. 50% less cable length required
  6. Cables are guided with a defined bending radius at all times
  7. Guide trough secures system from wind effects
  8. Multiple different types of media in the same system – easily add or replace cables
  9. Trolley speeds of up to 32.8ft/s and travel distances of up to 2,600 ft
  10. Outdoor & indoor applications where festooning systems were replaced by e-chains®

Igus Solutions or Crane Builders and Operators

German Technology. 30 Years of Cable Management Solutions.

We Diagnose, Design and Deliver the optimal solutions for all brands of existing port terminal and indoor cranes. Our cable management solutions focus on


  1. Avoiding cranedown time
  2. Keeping all maintenance costs low
  3. Providing high tech preventative maintenance and self monitoring systems


  • For over 30 years, high-strength plastic e-chain® cable carriers have been trusted and proven on thousands of port and terminal cranes worldwide. While unforgiving environmental factors such as high winds, UV rays, saltwater and extreme temperatures can cause traditional cable management systems such as festoons to fail, energy chain cable carriers are able to withstand the harshest conditions while operating reliably.Trusted by major crane manufacturers, e-chain® systems are quickly becoming the “go-to” technology for even the most challenging applications. Learn more about how igus® cable carriers can benefit cranes of all types below.


Proven Technology

  1. 2750 sqm TestLab
  2. 2 billion test cycles/year
  3. 650 tests conducted simultaneously


Thanks to Igus’s extensive research and development we can say that we provide the most reliable e-chain® (Cable Carrier System) on the market. Learn more about e-chain®

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