Cable Drag Chain

igus e-chain® Plastic Cable Carrier Germany

plastic cable

Developed & Tested for Over 40 Years

e-chain® plastic cable carriers / Drag chains are the umbilical cord of modern machines. They minimize downtime, protect, support and extend the service life of cables and hoses. igus® has been developing, producing and testing plastic cable carriers since 1971.


The igus® cable carrier range incorporates over 70,000 innovative, low-cost products. From its smallest ‘micro’ energy chain to the world’s largest plastic energy chain, igus® plastic cable carriers are capable of long and short travel distances at high speeds in all axes. The company’s expert knowledge is being refined continuously with the help of its customers and is then incorporated into the products produced.

Universal applications

  • Many different movement and mounting possibilities.
    Carry sensitive bus, data and fiber optic cables and energy sources such as electricity, gas, air and liquids.
    Accommodate very high dynamic loads and stringent service life requirements.
    Operation in a wide range of environments and climates.
    Space-saving installation.
    High levels of acceleration possible.
    Modular systems offer simple assembly on-site and rapid retrofitting of cables.

Save time and money

Innovative products can be assembled quickly.
Rapid delivery time.
Vast product range – find the right solution immediately.
Optional pre-harnessing services.
Fast system design and support from internal specialists and a network of sales engineers throughout the United States and worldwide.

Longer distances, higher speeds, longer life

Distances in excess of 1,300 feet.
Speeds of up to 16.4 ft/s (and more in some cases).
Service life of 10 years and over.