Control Cable

igus chainflex® Control Cables Germany

chainflex® flexible cables are the world’s number one cables in terms of selection, testing and a UL-verified 36 month guaranteed service life.  We offer the largest variety of flexible cables, with over 1,394 cable types for data, bus, hybrid, control, motor, servo motor feedback, servo, coaxial, FOC, special and robot.  chainflex® flexible cables resist a range of dangerous conditions, like extreme temperatures and oil, and can handle any type of motion, including horizontal, torsional or high speed.

The chainflex® control cables are available for the most varied mechanical requirements in various approvals and conformities. Depending on the type of control cable, they are torsion-resistant, suitable for narrow radii or very low temperatures, UV-resistant, flame-retardant and halogen-free. Tested in the igus® laboratory with millions of cycles in e-chains®, they provide guaranteed safety against failure.

  • Bending radii up to 4xd
  • Shielded / Unshielded
  • Jacket materials: PVC, PUR, PUR or TPE