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About Jetpatcher

The Jetpatcher© machine was developed in New Zealand by Mr. Jim Turnbull and Jetpatcher Corporation Ltd was formed to exploit the potential of this Equipment. The Jetpatcher machine is the result of considerable research and development into a suitable method for repairing and maintaining asphalt bitumen surfaces such as roads, car parks and industrial areas.

We at Unigroup work hand in hand with Jim Turnbull the inventor of the Jetpatcher who is based in New Zealand. We are the sole distributors of the product in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq). We receive and assemble the Jetpatcher in our factory in Sharjah, UAE based on our clients order. We are always looking for potential Sub distributors or potential clients interested in buying our product.

Jetpatcher is the time served and original velocity patching machinery. A proven system in more than 40 countries around the world, Jetpatcher Corporation and their machinery are now established as the global market leader within the industry.


Jetpatcher™ uses a simple four stage process.

The trouble area is cleaned and prepared, sealed, filled, cured and ready for traffic in one smooth operation.  Permanent repairs are made with bitumen emulsion, lasting as long as repairs using hot rolled asphalt.  Emulsion is safe and won’t harm the environment.  Experience minimum traffic delays with most repairs complete in under 15 minutes.  Repairs are ready to be driven over very soon after they have been made.

process1STAGE ONE

Using the high volume, low pressure blower the Jetpatcher™easily blows all loose debris from the pot hole, cleaning it and preparing the hole for an effective patch.

process2STAGE TWO

The Jetpatcher™ now coats the pot hole with an asphalt emulsion which seals the pot-hole and prevents further damage from occuring due to moisture.


Aggregate is introduced into the pot hole. Using theJetpatcher™ process, the aggregate is mixed with the asphalt emulsion and blown in to the pot-hole at high velocity.

process4STAGE FOUR

The final stage of the Jetpatcher™ process. After the pot hole has been effectively sealed and filled, a light layer of dry aggregate is applied to the patch, preventing the patch from adhering to car tires prior to the emulsion fully curing. The patch is now ready for traffic.


Jatpatcher 1000 Series


Jetpacther 2500 Series


Jetpatcher Repair

Jetpatcher Application

Various uses of Jetpatcher


  • Potholes
  • Utility cuts
  • Wheel path rutting
  • Speed bumps
  • Edge breaks
  • Crack sealing
  • Depressions
  • Sweepers
  • Pre-surface dressing

jetpatcherlogoInnovative proven technologies.

Jetpatcher Corporation Ltd is responsible for the marketing of Jetpatcher™ Equipment throughout the world.
If you have an enquiry for a particular product please contact us.

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